Howard Coles

Howard Coles

Howard is President of Coles Associates Ltd. Corporate responsibilities include business development and marketing of services, particularly as they relate to the Architectural Division.

Architectural responsibilities include architectural programming, design, production of working documents and contract administration, as well as overall responsibility for project quality, schedule and budget control.

Since 1978, Howard’s understanding and experience as both a Registered Architect and Registered Engineer are well suited to the combined sensitivity and practicality expressed in his building design.

Howard’s approach to commissions is to provide prompt, thorough and knowledgeable professional service while maintaining personal attentiveness and involvement throughout the project. Early attention to detail and responsiveness during construction has always served projects and Clients well. This approach has led to an excellent working relationship with Clients, Consultants, Contractors and the various Authorities involved. This approach also serves to provide cost effective service delivery to meet our Client’s quality, time-frame, and budget requirements.

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